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Your reliable transport and logistics partner

As a freight forwarding company, we connect clients and carriers and organise international transport over land and sea for shipping and transport companies, logistics service providers and manufacturers.

Why choose us? Certainly because of the meticulous way we follow up on all transport assignments, so every single one runs smoothly.

International transport routes

We specialise in international freight transport from France to a wide range of destinations. Efficiency and doing the right things at exactly the right time are par for the course at QCL! Thanks to multimodal transport, we can offer tailored solutions.


A freight forwarding company with a vision

At QCL, we focus on rock-solid service and have been doing everything we can to streamline international freight transport since 2016, with many years of experience under our belts. We love getting hands-on, going in search of efficient solutions and anticipating every potential issue so you can rely on us as your steadfast partner for freight transport and logistics!